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Opt In To make your statistics publicly viewable again, fill out all the information below and hit the submit button. Note: You will immediately be sent an email where you will be required to click on a link to complete the request Set Your Stats to Public on any Opt-In Network; Check Your Stats Weekly for a Prize Icon; Prizes Paid in Cash or Subscriptions; Opt-In Now . Gold Standard for online tournament leaderboards. Find out who is on top 1000' s OF CATEGORIES, INCLUDING: GAME TYPES, STAKES, COUNTRIES. View. RECEIVE AUTO-ALERTS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA OR EMAIL. LEARN MORE. SharkScope & Hand History Statistics DIRECTLY ON. I don't play SNG's anymore, but its an easy way to track winnings if you don't want to track them yourself. I think whether you opt in or out is more of a personal decision in my opinion

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Opt In. Opt Out; Réinitialiser les statistiques; Opt In; Pour rendre vos statistiques publiques de nouveau, remplissez les informations demandées ci-dessous et cliquez sur le bouton Soumettre. Remarque : Vous recevrez immédiatement un e-mail qui vous demandera de cliquer sur un lien pour terminer votre demande. Réseau: Courrier électronique: Nom du joueur qui donne son accord (opt in):. Acompanhe suas estatísticas de poker e evite os tubarões. SharkScope é o mais completo banco de dados de resultados disponíveis de torneio de poker e cobre praticamente todos os sites de poker online

Opt Out. Opt Out; Reset Statistics; Opt In; To block your username from public view - which includes yourself, fill out all the information below and hit the submit button. Note: You will immediately be sent an email where you will be required to click on a link to complete the opt out procedure. If you do not click this link, your username will not be blocked! If you do not receive this email. The opt-in procedure is as follows: By default all ROI and Profit data is hidden. To opt-in and show this data the user must send $0.03 to the user SharkScope on PokerStars. To block your data from all users including yourself, users need to send $0.01 to the user SharkScope on PokerStars Opt in Per permettere che le tue statistiche siano di nuovo pubbliche forniscici le seguenti informazioni e clicca su Invia. Nota: Ti verrà immediatamente inviata un'e-mail in cui ti verrà chiesto di cliccare su un link per completare la richiesta

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  1. SharkScope Desktop: SharkScope HUD & Hand Tracker kombiniert. Enthaltene Funktionen: Unterstützt Holdem und Omaha Hi. Kombiniert SharkScope- und Hand-Tracker-Statistiken. Als voll funktionsfähiger Hand-Tracker oder ergänzend zu Ihrem existierenden Hand-Tracker. Funktioniert mit mehreren Pokerseiten gleichzeitig . Unterstützt Ring Games. Meldet alle fehlenden Turniere automatisch an.
  2. er la procédure de refus (opt out). Si vous ne cliquez pas sur ce.
  3. PokerStars & SharkScope OPT IN Required Changes. Posted on December 7, 2015 by realpokermd. Hi Scopers, As a part of the rules for third party software on Pokerstars, we've been directed to change our Opt In procedures for PS.it, PS.fr and PS.es. (See the how to Opt In procedure at the bottom) Our great relationship with Pokerstars only gets stronger when we comply with their.

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  1. As of May 1st, 2018, SharkScope Desktop no longer supports WSOP New Jersey and 888 Poker New Jersey. Three US states have interstate player pool sharing for 888/WSOP. Since Nevada strictly prohibits the usage of HUD s and other states have no policy in this regard, 888 deemed it unfair to allow them in one state and not the other
  2. PartyPoker does not make your tournament results available on your computer in a form SharkScope Desktop can read. We've experimented with trying to deduce this information from hand history files. However our findings showed that this information was not reliable, consistent, or always available. Therefore PartyPoker tournaments will be missing your winnings and your ranking. Your bankroll.
  3. Tenez vos statistiques de poker et évitez les requins. SharkScope est la base de données la plus complète qui soit en ce qui concerne les résultats des tournois de poker et comporte de manière virtuelle tous les sites poker en ligne
  4. Lleve un registro de sus estadísticas de poker y evite a los tiburones. SharkScope es la base de datos más completa de resultados de torneos de poker y cubre prácticamente todos los sitios web de poker virtual
  5. Mantieni le tue statistiche poker sotto controllo e evita gli squali. SharkScope è il più completo database di risultati di tornei di poker disponibili e copre praticamente tutti i siti di poker online

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  2. SharkScope Poker Tips #191: ISO raising small to limpers Q. Can I isolate limpers when I am on the button in an MTT? A, This is pretty standard these days however you want to make sure you have a few ground rules in place before you go ahead and do this - Loose limper seeing a flop, you in a good position like the button, the players behind you in the blinds should not be loose callers who.
  3. In an attempt to resolve this issue and get SharkScope back on the allowed list at PokerStars we are trialing a new opt in system. We believe that its to the benefit of all our users if we can find a way for our service to adhere to PokerStars 3rd party software rules and yet still provide the ability to rate all players by default. The new system is as follows: By default all ROI and Profit.
  4. For more details on the opting in and opting out procedures please see here: Opt-In. Opt-Out. In an effort to give the integration a jump start 888 has designed many new promotions for new depositors which can be found by clicking the banners on the Sharkscope.com website, they include free money, deposit bonuses, freerolls, WSOP satellites and entry into steps for the WSOP as well
  5. SharkScope Poker Tips #231: Post flop check raises. Q. Early tournament, missed flop. Fold to c/r to preserve stack and keep it simple in a turbo SNG, or call because I don't believe him on this board? A. There is nothing wrong with calling because you have a lot of chips, however calling because 'you do not believe him' is a sign of a.
  6. Отслеживайте вашу покерную статистику и избегайте акул. SharkScope является самой полной базой данных имеющихся результатов турниров по покеру. Она охватывает практически все сайты по онлайн-покеру
  7. This page contains passwords for freerolls at 888poker with small buy-ins My.888poker UK Morning and Aussie Evening League, My.888poker Sunday League, My.888poker $100 Guaranteed, and also to My.888poker $150 Meet the New Members freerolls for those players registered at my.888.Poker.com. Attention! In case you haven't found freerolls with passwords you need on this page, try changing filters.

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Per fare l'opt-in devi inviare $0,03 all'utente SharkScope su PokerStars. Per maggiori informazioni sulla procedura di opt-in, vedi qui. Per PokerStars.it e PokerStars.fr si prega di utilizzare il modulo di blocco standard da qui Para voltar a exibir as suas estatísticas publicamente, preencha todas as informações abaixo e clique no botão Enviar. Nota: Será imediatamente enviado um e-mail a você no qual deverá clicar em um link para concluir a solicitação

OPT - IN non eseguito - SHARKSCOPE Ciao a tutti, vi leggo sempre con piacere utilizzo shark nella versione basic, giocando solo hu mi fa comodo fare table selection così, ma da qualche settimana a questa parte, per ogni ricerca effettuata, da qualunque ip provi, mi viene fuori la schermata che allego. Sul web non ho trovato nessuna info utile qualcuno mi può aiutare a venirne a capo? grazie. SharkScope Poker Tips #238: Flat Calling Heads Up(Hyper) Q. What amount of big blinds can we still call a open raise hand from villain? A. I assume that 15bb and more! Cause between 12-15 we mostly 3bet shove in the hypers! However, in most turbo SNGs, it can be very common to not have that many big blinds preflop when you are heads up. So even.

Kann mir vielleicht jemand sagen, wie es bei Sharkscope mit den hud cashgames aussieht und was es genau mit dem Opt-In aufsich hat, denn das habe ich jetzt noch nicht genau kapiert :S Ansonsten schau ich einfach mal nach einer Sharkscope Alternative, da gibt es ja noch so einige andere Poker Tools die solche Funktionen drauf haben Para permitir que tus estadísticas vuelvan a ser públicas, proporciónanos los datos a continuación y haz click en Envía. Nota: Inmediatamente recibirá un correo electrónico en el que deberá hacer clic a un enlace para completar la solicitud My name is Warren Karp. When I first developed PokerMD it was a way to give back to the poker community and to help each other learn. When Online Poker became a reality we shared ideas and strategies that helped us to do well in an emerging market. One of the tools we learned about was Sharkscope. We learned how it worked and took advantage of the many facets of data it provided. Remember in.

Sharkscope ‘oscura’ i grafici dei player: da oggi è

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Включите опцию публичности статистики, и вся ваша покерная статистика будет в открытом доступе Отключите опцию публичности статистики, и ваша покерная статистика не будет видна другим пользователям WCOOP 2016 | 102,000$ Super High Roller with Fedor Holz & Isaac Haxton (Event 28 - Cards Up) - Duration: 2:05:53. BanZzai - Poker Replays 302,423 view SharkScope promotions are executed using the website where customers attention is grasped using the customized SharkScope deals as well as the amazing and great SharkScope special offers. SharkScope ensures that the customers are provided with exactly the same product they are seeking for within their respective budgets. The staff of SharkScope is always ready to help the customers in best. Sharkscope require a player to actively opt in for his stats and results to be publicly visible. I guess, this is to comply with anti datamining policy of poker sites and avoid trials and possibly.

Can SharkScope statistics be relied upon The first time I looked myself up on SharkScope, I was surprised to find that it showed me in the hole on several sites on which I maintained positive. Opt in; Per resettare le statistiche del tuo nome utente, compila tutte le seguenti informazioni e premi il tasto Invio. Una volta eseguito il reset, tutti gli utenti, compreso te stesso, non potranno visualizzare i risultati ottenuti prima della data selezionata per il reset. Lo username avrà un'icona accanto che mostra che è stato eseguito il reset. Il reset non influenza le classifiche. Sowohl Sharkscope als auch Official Poker Rankings haben bekannt gegeben, dass es Turnierergebnisse künftig nur noch im Opt-In-Verfahren gibt. Sharkscope und OPR waren für viele Spieler wichtige Quellen, wenn es darum ging, Informationen über ihre Gegner zu bekommen oder ihr eigenes Spiel zu analysieren. Künftig wird dies nicht mehr so einfach, denn ab sofort müssen PokerStars-Spieler nur. *Daten zu Spielern von PokerStars sind nur auf einer Opt-In Basis abrufbar. Das bedeutet, dass ein Spieler seine Zustimmung geben muss, damit seine Daten ersichtlich sind. Dies ist nur bei einem extrem kleinen Anteil an Spielern der Fall; bei allen anderen Spielern ist nur das durchschnittliche Buy-In und die Ability abrufbar. Die live Nutzung von Sharkscope während des Pokerns ist bei.

SharkScope - Opt Ou

Para bloquear el nombre de usuario del dominio público (opt-out), lo que le incluye a usted, complete la información siguiente y haga clic en el botón de enviar. Nota: Inmediatamente recibirá un correo electrónico en el que deberá hacer clic a un enlace para completar el procedimiento de baja. Si no hace clic en este enlace, su nombre de usuario no se bloqueará SharkScope heeft ook een abilityrating die van 50 tot 100 loopt. De score op deze ability rating is gebaseerd op de hoogte van jouw gemiddelde buy-in, jouw ROI, jouw ITM% (in the money) en dus ook jouw winsten in het algemeen. Opt-In/Opt-Out . Om jouw eigen statistieken te kunnen bekijken is het belangrijk dat je Opted in bent op SharkScope. Para bloquear o seu nome de usuário da opinião pública - que inclui você, preencha todas as informações abaixo e aperte o botão enviar. Nota: Será imediatamente enviado um e-mail a você no qual deverá clicar em um link para completar o procedimento de optar não participar. Se você não clicar neste link, o seu nome de usuário não será bloqueado 888 Forces Removal of all Data from Sharkscope Tourney dataminer forced to pull all historical data from the website, as 888 rejects any form of opt-in compromise. 888poker has forced popular public tournament tracking site SharkScope to stop tracking all its poker tournaments, and remove all historical data. According to a post published on the official SharkScope blog on Wednesday, 888. Both the opt-in and opt-out instructions must be prominently displayed on the main / front page of the Service (at minimum, a normal- sized link on the front page to a more complete description elsewhere). If the service's operation pre-dates the establishment of these guidelines (December 2006), there shall be no grandfather clause for existing data. 100% of historical profitability.

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Global Poker results now on Sharkscope With more than 50+ networks covered, SharkScope has now added Global Poker! Log-in & Opt-In to track your results.. Sharkscope was founded in 2005 as a online tracking site for tournaments and sit 'n' goes, making it possible for players to check their own and opponents tournament and sit 'n' go results. Sharkscope allows players to search for nicknames over a broad variety of poker sites and networks and see their tournament results. SharkScope - YouTube - SharkScope is the largest database of. SharkScope's weekly opt-in prize giveaway has now doubled to $20,000 in prizes per week! Now there are twice as many reasons to opt-in to our services and check your stats each week to see if you've.. Opt In; Pour réinitialiser les statistiques de votre nom d'utilisateur, veuillez compléter toutes les informations suivantes et cliquer sur envoyer. Une fois la réinitialisation effectuée, les utilisateurs (vous compris) ne pourront pas tous voir les résultats qui se seront produits avant la date de réinitialisation choisie. Une icône sera toutefois ajoutée à côté de votre nom de. Sharkscope subscription suddenly worthless? I play on Pokerstars and this morning all was fine with looking up players in Sharkscope.This afternoon any player I look up does not have data for Av. Profit, Av. ROI and Total Profit. All of these fields say that they player must now opt-in to make this data available.So, I'm guessing I may as well cancel my subscription now, there's not going to.

Boosteda: achtung an alle sharkscope-user: in verbindung mit pokerstars sollte sharkscope nicht genutzt werden. ist auch (neuerdings?) in den AGBs von pokerstars vermerkt. gestern abend auf pokerstars gezockt, nebenher auf titan und dabei den sharkscope HUD laufen lassen (aber nur für titan, bei stars funktioniert der HUD eh nicht!). nebenher hatte ich auch die sharksope-seite mit der. PokerStars Torneio 2629789467 Rede:PokerStars ID do Torneio: 2629789467 Skins de Rede:FullTilt, PokerStars.be, PokerStars.bg, PokerStars.com, PokerStars.cz. Opt out of Sharkscope? Play one table? No, there is a much more convenient solution! Sharkscope HUD - help to cope with the lack of time! The benefits of the Sharkscope HUD are hard to overestimate. This is a separate application that allows you to display information on opponents at the tables in real time. You no longer have to waste time and manually enter the nickname of the player you are. sharkscope pokerstars opt in When a player drops out of any side pot, he drops out of the original pot as well, in effect surrendering his rights in the original pot to the player whose sharkscope pokerstars opt in later bet he did not call.Thank you for subscribing!The house usually pays out even money for 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11, and it usually pays out 2 to 1 for a 2 or 12

En plus de son taux de couverture de 99%, le SharkScope Desktop télécharge automatiquement vos résultats de jeu et alerte SharkScope si un résultat n`est pas pris en compte, assurant ainsi une couverture de 100%. De plus, le Desktop est doté d`une option (sur PokerStars seulement) vous permettant de télécharger les informations de rebuy et add-on avec une fiabilité de 100% sur les buy-in How to make an opt in page with weebly | how to make a free optin page - Duration: 9:38. Drew Burton 6,289 views. 9:38 Sharkscope gives you additional information about your Sit and Go's opponents. And since poker is a game with incomplete information, checking the stats of your opponents can give you an additional advantage when playing online poker tournaments. If you click on the name of the SnG players from the example above, then you get to see more information and stats about him in a few graphs: What. SharkScope Poker Tips #233: Calling small Reraises. Q. Should I call a small 3bet early in the game with big pot odds? A. Call here is okay because it's only 30 chips. Ideally, if this was a deeper stacked situation (usually occurring in a non hyper turbo), a call would be even better. However, if you would like to simplify things postflop.

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  1. WIN A VIP POKER TRIP TO PRAGUE Only 6 seats left, and 1 can be yours! OPT-IN NOW https://livesponsors.com/promotions/pokerstars-championship-prague-2017..
  2. SharkScope opt in/out? User Name: Remember Me? Password: Register: FAQ: Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read: TwoPlusTwo.com: Notices: Internet Poker Discussions of Internet poker venues, including RB & bonuses. Thread Tools: Display Modes: 09-03-2009, 04:31 PM #1: Bedz. old hand . Join Date: Jul 2006. Posts: 1,658 SharkScope opt in/out? Read something in STTF about the fact that SharkScope.
  3. With Sharkscope you can block your stats by submitting your username + e-mail address. Topshark / Pokerprolabs has an opt-out link at the bottom of the page, which leads to this info box
  4. How to open Sharkscope statistics on 888? If at Pokerstars you are required to send 3 cents to official Sharkscope account, then at 888 Poker you have gone the other way. So, get ready, now there will be the most detailed instructions for opening statistics. Open the client of the poker room 888; Go to the lobby on the Tournaments - Restricted; Register in the «Sharkscope Opt In» tournament.

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En aplicación de lo dispuesto en el Real Decreto-ley 11/2020 durante el periodo del estado de alarma hemos eliminado de nuestra web tanto el contenido como las funcionalidades relativas a la promoción, captación y fidelización de clientes y fomento de las actividades del juego Sharkscope. 102,636 likes · 65 talking about this. SharkScope Track your poker statistics and AVOID THE SHARKS!! The most COMPLETE database for Tournaments and SNG

O SharkScope Hand Tracker usa 1 pesquisa toda vez que você clicar no botão SharkScope Info de um jogador, a menos que esse jogador já esteja em seu cache. O SharkScope Sync usa 1 pesquisa a cada 100 torneios sincronizados. O Desktop vai ajudar a aumentar minha cobertura do torneio? Além da taxa de cobertura de 99% do SharkScope, o SharkScope Desktop envia automaticamente os resultados das. Sharkscope opt-in Prisijunkite norėdami sekti . Sekėjai 0. Sharkscope opt-in. Sukūrė Judas, Rugpjūčio 19,2009 . Judas 1 Narys (Ekspertas) 1 519 Pranešimai. Hello, It has come to our attention at PokerStars that you are accessing a prohibited third party website known as SharkScope.com during your game.. Para suscribirse (opt-in) debe enviar $ 0,03 para el usuario SharkScope en PokerStars. Para más detalles sobre el procedimiento deAceptación, por favor, lea here . Para PokerStars.it y PokerStars.fr, utilice el formulario de bloqueo estándar que encontrará en here sharkscope is a good indicator, but what if the palyer have opt out and you cannot get any data for that player, are there other sites that give you info on players? 06-15-2009 04:53 PM #6. Stuventus. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries Join Date May 2009 Posts 53. Well if they have opted out you can give them credit for not being a total dummie. The fact they are.

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Re: SHARKSCOPE- Stop Blocking Player's Stats Don't know about other sites but the stars stats on sharkscope are not blocked by players its blocked by default. You have to opt out if you want people to see your stats Results Tracking Besides Sharkscope? User Name: Remember Me? Password: Register: FAQ: Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read: TwoPlusTwo.com: Notices: Global Poker The next generation poker site where you can legally redeem prizes quickly and securely. Thread Tools: Display Modes: 02-17-2018, 08:28 PM #1: dktacts . stranger . Join Date: Nov 2015. Posts: 11 Results Tracking Besides Sharkscope. Check out the Sharkscope API on the RapidAPI API Directory. Learn more about this API, its Documentation and Alternatives available on RapidAPI. Sign Up Today for Free to start connecting to the Sharkscope API and 1000s more

Sharkscope Hud est un tracker de poker en ligne classique mais il dispose d'un véritable atout : en effet, il a la particularité d'être en liaison avec la base de donnée Sharkscope. Ce qui vous permettra d'avoir les mêmes infos qu'une recherche sur Sharkscope mais pour tous les joueurs à votre table en temps réel. A noter que cette application n'est disponible qu'avec l'offre de 26. Like Kerstetter, many PokerStars players are still opted-out by default and have only a small amount of SharkScope data visible. Assuming the opt-out data is still accurate, one can still discern some important information on opponents even if they haven't opted in. One can multiply the MTT count by the average stake in order to determine the. Sharkscope Pokerstars Opt In, Jackpot Capital Casino 50 Love Free Spins February 13 2020, 45 No Deposit Bonus Tangiers Casino, 33 Free Spins 111 Match Bonus At Uptown Aces Casino

I'm not a member of sharkscope though but have done the opt-in/out to see my ave ROI.. (So I guess I should submit my name right'--> below tournament leaderboard you can read this: 'Know of a player that should be in a leaderboard? Submit them for instant consideration here').. but still don't understand why I'm not included.. Then another thing.. looking at the leaderboard filtered by 'holdem. SharkScope Poker Tips #233: Calling small Reraises. Q. Should I call a small 3bet early in the game with big pot odds? A. Call here is okay because it's only 30 chips. Ideally, if this was a deeper stacked situation (usually occurring in a non hyper turbo), a call would be even better. However, if you would like to simplify things postflop. Doesn't sharkscope make you opt in to show stars results? I imagine most players don't know how to do so. 02-03-2011, 02:01 PM Why do players hide their stats on Sharkscope or OPR? +EV for me to hide mine. there are lots of plays regs still arent making that they should be. id rather have them think im making dumb plays than look me up and start copying me. blocking my stats keeps my games. This email will be shared with Sharkscope officials. How to close Sharkscope statistics in any poker room (poker network) Here, the algorithm is also not complicated: Go to the Sharkscope website, select Options in the upper right corner, then Opt Out. Indicate the necessary information: room, your nickname, contact email SharkScope says it offered to modify its setup to require 888 players to opt-in to the data collection scheme, but 888 declined all the options we have put forward

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La scritta al centro del grafico parla chiaro: opt-in (letteralmente, diritto alla partecipazione) non eseguito. Ma non temete! Qualora necessitiate di info sui vostri avversari, vi basterà inviare una mail a PokerStars per richiedere l'attivazione. In alternativa, è possibile inviare una mail a sharkscope con uno screenshot che mostri il proprio account loggato su PokerStars. Comparatore. PokerStars Torneo 551020010 Red:PokerStars Tournament ID: 551020010 Máscaras de red:FullTilt, PokerStars.be, PokerStars.bg, PokerStars.com, PokerStars.cz, PokerStars.

Folgendes Problem.....wenn ich PS öffne und danach SharkScope alles problemlos! Aber wenn ich das ganze (PS natürlich dabei geschlossen) mit 888 versuche zeigt er mir dennoch nur die Daten von PS an..... Position, Sprache etc. alles richtig ausgewählt.....ist es überhaupt möglich durch SS zwei verschiedene Seiten/Statistiken anzeigen zu lassen.....jemand ne Idee? Wo hängt es bei mir? In Для подключения к режиму opt-in и разрешению на показ своих данных пользователь должен заплатить 0,03$ пользователю SharkScope на PokerStars Opt-out of sharkscope. Help. Close. 2. Posted by. u/theo29. 3 years ago. Archived. Opt-out of sharkscope. Help. does anyone know how to opt out of sharkscope? i just opted in, was disgusted with my stats and don't want anyone to see them lol. help. 3 comments. share. save hide report. 75% Upvoted. This thread is archived . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best.

Opt-in Sharkscope. Par LebigB, 16 Août 2009 dans Outils et logiciels. Messages recommandés. LebigB. CPiste Holothurisme : +14 % 345 messages . Rebuy ! CPiste; Holothurisme : +14 %; 345 messages (24 Octobre 2008) Posté 16 Août 2009. Salut le cp , voila je n'ai plus mes graph/roi et coe sur sharkscope ! une histoire d'opt-in que je n'ai pas trop saisie mais bref j'ai envoyé les 0,03$ sur le. To opt-in you must send $0.03 to the user SharkScope on PokerStars. Pronto basicamente é isso, foi o que eu fiz, mandas essa quantia e recebes de volta passado um bocado, quando te tonarem publica as stats da tua conta. Vado su sharkscope per vedere le statistiche di un player e su alcune voci c'è la scritta opt in. Una volta vedevo le caratteristiche di chiunque, ma da un paio di giorno a sta parte non vedo più le caratteristiche di nessuno Is Sharkscope still working? My subscription recently ended and now whenever I go to search for someone it says Opt In for there results If I am a subscriber I can see everyones results without having them opt in correct? If not...makes no sense to pay for sharkscope anymore. So should i re-subsc.. BankrollMob also includes free no deposit casino and bingo bankrolls as well as betting promotions. OPT-IN means you allow sharkscope to take your stats and give them to other sharkscopes users. But it gives you access to stats of other players that have opted-in. So it's kind of a double-edge sword... atleast thats how I see it. Not a fan of these tools though, we should learn how other.

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