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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. 1 Day gibt es bei eBay Version Beschreibung; 5.3.0: Vor PHP 5.3.0 wurden relative Zeitformate wie this week, previous week, last week und next week, die dem time Argument von strtotime() übergeben wurden, als 7-Tages-Zeitraum anstatt eines Wochenzeitraums von Monday bis Sunday interpretiert. 5.3.0: Vor PHP 5.3.0 war 24:00 keine korrekte Formatierung, daher gab strtotime() FALSE zurück

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Actually I wanted same alike thing, To get one year backward date, for a given date! :-) With the hint of above answer from @mohammad mohsenipur I got to the following link, via his given link!. Luckily, there is a method same as date_add method, named date_sub method PHP 5.2.7: In earlier versions, if requesting a given occurrence of a given weekday in a month where that weekday was the first day of the month it would incorrectly add one week to the returned timestamp. This has been corrected now PHP 5.1.0: Returns FALSE on failure (earlier versions returns -1), and issues E_STRICT and E_NOTICE time zone error

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[php] date()とstrtotime()で日時を取得する 公開 2011年10月28日(金) 更新日 2016年5月28日(土) スポンサーリンク. phpで相対的な日時を得る方法のメモ。昨日明日、先月来月、次の日曜前の日曜、3分前、10分後など、現在日時を起点にしたあらゆるパターンの日時が得られる。 strtotime()はUnixタイム. Teams. Q&A for Work. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information Actually, you should use the 15th of the month as the base (or any other date not near either end of the month), then readjust to the 1st. It's a pain but consider that using the 1st of a month as the base then adding a month would, in some cases, place the next at the 31st of the same month rather than the 1st of the next month

Sep 15, 2016 · There is a more concise and intuitive way to add days to php date. Don't get me wrong, those php expressions are great, but you always have to google how to treat them This assumes that all days are 24 hours long which is not true in those 2 days when a minority of the world moves their clocks by +/- 1 hour to provide an illusion of more or less sunlight. And then there's leap seconds as well. - apokryfos Aug 16 '16 at 14:3 The +1 month issue with strtotime ===== As noted in several blogs, strtotime() solves the +1 month (next month) issue on days that do not exist in the subsequent month differently than other implementations like for example MySQL. <?php echo date ( Y-m-d, strtotime ( 2009-01-31 +1 month ) ); // PHP: 2009-03-0

版本 说明; 5.3.0: Prior to PHP 5.3.0, relative time formats supplied to the time argument of strtotime() such as this week, previous week, last week, and next week were interpreted to mean a 7 day period relative to the current date/time, rather than a week period of Monday through Sunday. 5.3.0: 在 PHP 5.3.0 之前, 24:00 不是一个有效的格式,并且 strtotime() 会返回 FALSE バージョン 説明; 5.3.0: PHP 5.3.0 より前のバージョンでは、 strtotime() の引数 time に this week や previous week、 last week、next week を指定すると、現在日時から数えて 7 日単位という解釈になっていました。 Monday から Sunday までという単位は考慮していませんでした A time difference function that outputs the time passed in facebook's style: 1 day ago, or 4 months ago. I took andrew dot macrobert at gmail dot com function and tweaked it a bit. On a strict enviroment it was throwing errors, plus I needed it to calculate the difference in time between a past date and a future date As noted in several blogs, strtotime() solves the +1 month (next month) issue on days that do not exist in the subsequent month differently than other implementations like for example MySQL. <?php This is a tutorial on how to subtract days, weeks or months from a date using PHP. To do this, we can use either PHP's strtotime function or the inbuilt DateTime class.. Yesterday / -1 days. To get yesterday's date, you can pass in the string yesterday to the strtotime function

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php: +1天, +3个月, strtotime(): +1 day, +3 month. 比如,我现在当前时间基础上+1天: strtotime(+1 day); 比如我现在,2014-05-01时间上 + 3个 <?php echo strtotime (+1 day), \n; echo strtotime (+1 week), \n; echo strtotime (+1 week 2 days 4 hours 2 seconds), \n; echo strtotime (next Thursday), \n; echo strtotime (last Monday), \n; ?> up. down-13 andre at anlex dot co dot za ¶ 13 years ago. I thought best to show a posseble way to go about bypassing the end month issue where the first day in a new month will have. 在 PHP 5.3.0 之前, 24:00 不是一个有效的格式,并且 strtotime() 会返回 FALSE。 5.2.7: 在这之前的版本中,如果请求一个月中某个给定日期且该日期刚好是该月的第一天,则会错误地把增加一个星期到返回的时间戳中,这点现在已经得到更正。 5.1. strtotime -1 day, with a variable. By e1seix, April 20, 2010 in PHP Coding Help. Start new topic; Recommended Posts. e1seix 0 e1seix 0 Advanced Member; Members; 0 169 posts; Location: Belfast Posted April 20, 2010. loving the strtotime function in php, however i need to use it in association with a variable. as opposed to: echo date( Y-m-d, strtotime('-1 day') ); let's say I already have a. php - online - strtotime 1 day . php check für ein gültiges Datum, seltsame PHP 5.2.5 (cli) (Build: 23. Juli 2008 11:32:27) unter Linux localhost 2.6.18-53.1.14.el5 # 1 SMP Mi. März 5 11 : 36: 49 EST 2008 i686 i686 i386 GNU / Linux . Erwarten Sie keine kohärenten Ergebnisse, wenn Sie außerhalb der Reichweite sind: Strtotime . cf Gnu Kalender-Datum-Elemente.html Für numerische Monate.

If you are on last day of January, the strtotime(+1 month) returns 3rd of March(not a leap year) / 2nd March(leap year). Why it's not a bug: The current behavior is correct (in it's own way). Let's understand the process with an example: Assume today's date is 2015-01-31, and you want to add +1 month to it. Actually +1 month increases the month number (originally 1) by one. ich möchte ein bestimmtes Datum um 1 Tag erhöhen (bei Bedarf, z. B. Klick auf Senden nochmals um 1 Tag usw.). Habe hier im Forum strtotime() Hinweise gefunden. PHP-Code Wissend, dass jedes Jahr ein Tag 1 Woche vorzieht, bedeutet (1. November letztes Jahr war an einem Sonntag, dieses Jahr ist an einem Montag, Ausnahme für die Schaltjahre, wenn es 2 Tage vorrückt, glaube ich, können Sie das überprüfen). Was ich tun würde, wenn das Jahr älter als 1970 ist, mache einen Unterschied zwischen dem Jahr und dem benötigten Jahr, um zu wissen, wie viele Jahre es.

这里+1 day可以修改参数1为任何想需要的数 day也可以改成year(年),month(月),hour(小时)minute(分),second(秒)如: date('Y-m-d H:i:s',strtotime(+1 day +1 hour +1 minute); 可以随便自由组合,以达到任意输出时间的目的 注:该方法之针对1970年以后试用,也就是时间戳的适用范围 直接使用strtotime(-1 month),会在大小月的时候出现错误,例如12月31的时候得到的是12月1号而不是11月30增加参数就可以避免规范化导致的出错strtotime(last day of -1 month)strtotime(first day of -1 month)..

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