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WSUS automated cleanup script. Try Out the Latest Microsoft Technology . Quick access. My contributions WSUS automated cleanup script The script runs WSUS cleanup tasks using stored procedures in WSUS database directly, avoiding timeout errors and WSUS service crash that may occur when using WSUS' Cleanup Wizard. Download. wsus-cleanup-updates-v4.ps1. Ratings . 4.2 Star (27) Downloaded 31,880. This script performs the cleanup tasks done by the WSUS cleanup wizard. Because it is a script, it can be automated (for example, via the Windows Task Scheduler). It also provide Let's learn how to clean up WSUS content folder. Unfortunately, cancelling the download queued is not that straight forward, so I decided to use the opportunity to clean up my WSUS content folder and reclaim my VMFS datastore at the same time. The reason why the updates where 100 GB was because I had all Classifications selected and an Automatic Approval Rule! After the changes below the. Hello, Under products and classifications we had accidentally added 'updates' now all workstations show they need updates. I've unticked this and run the clean up tool, but they still remain. Before we had this enabled all workstations showed there were up-to-date and had a zero next to them · Have a peek at my Adamj Clean-WSUS script. It is the.

For standalone WSUS servers, or if you are using an older version of Configuration Manager, it is recommended that you run the WSUS Cleanup wizard periodically. If the WSUS Server Cleanup Wizard has never been run and the WSUS has been in production for a while, the cleanup may time out The Invoke-WsusServerCleanup cmdlet performs the process of cleanup on a specified Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server. This process has the same impact as running the Cleanup Wizard from within the WSUS Console application and allows the specification of the same options as parameters. Examples. Example 1: Run cleanup for obsolete. The Scripting Guys: WSUS-Bereinigung; The Scripting Guys: Neuindizierung der WSUS-Datenbank; Wenn Sie eine Fehlermeldung über das Deaktivieren von Agent XPs im SQL Server erhalten; Wochenende-Scripter: Verwenden des Windows-Taskplaners zum Ausführen eines Windows PowerShell-Skripts; Einrichten der WSUS-Cleanup-Aufgabe im Taskplaner. Hinweis. Wenn Sie den Konfigurations-Manager Version 1906. Optimize and cleanup of WSUS on Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016 Optimize WSUS DB using official Microsoft SQL script and performs server maintenance. Supports Server 2016 and 2012 R2. Download. Optimize-WSUS.zip. Ratings (0) Downloaded 3,186 times. Favorites Add to favorites. Category Windows Update. Sub category. Server-Side Management. Updated 3/2/2018. License. MIT. Share it: Translated in. Follow the instructions at the top of the script, but essentially run .\Clean-WSUS.ps1 -FirstRun and then set a scheduled task to run the script with the -ScheduledRun daily at a time you want. Popular Topics in SpiceCorps of the Golden Horsesho

If you have used this powershell script once, you can use the Server Cleanup Wizard from the GUI again. You can schedule the execution of this powershell script using Task Scheduler (for example once every month) The cleanup and re-index steps described below should be run on all WSUS servers, regardless of whether they are a replica WSUS server or not (see the discussion in step 4, Decline superceded updates, for information related to determining if a WSUS server is a replica) WSUS Cleanup PowerShell Script ⚡ ⚡ PowerShell Script for cleaning WSUS, simple, fast, easy. ⚡ ⚡ This WSUS PowerShell script can either be run as a scheduled task (weekly / monthly), or an one off instance. Save the script to WSUS server, right click script and run as administrator Just sharing this Clean-WSUS script: Link to download (spiceworks) Description What it does: Add WSUS Index Optimization to the database to increase the speed of many database operations in WSUS by approximately 1000-1500 times faster. Remove all Drivers from the WSUS Database (Default; Optional). Shrink your WSUSContent folder's size by declining multiple types of updates including by default.

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WSUS Automatic Cleanup Script. by Wouter-Trust on Mar 22, 2010 at 09:47 UTC | 2337 Downloads (8 Ratings) Get the code. Description. PS script to automatically cleanup WSUS server (declined / superseded updates etc). Sends an email with results. Includes down stream servers! Easy to set as scheduled task (must be run on the main WSUS server) Edit the script with custom settings before using it. Latest Software Maintenance Script: Making WSUS Suck Slightly Less October should solve the last mile problem for the WSUS Cleanup Wizard and make WSUS run faster in general. Keep in mind that you still need to do DB maintenance on WSUS's database just like you would any other. I'm told the WSUS product group plans to add the indexes Steve and Ben found in the next release. Until then. Please wait until the execution of script completed. E) WSUS configuration (Best practice) You will find script Invoke-WSUSConfiguration.ps1 which i got from Johan which i always use in all SCCM infra as per best practice . Take a look at the script to see what it does before you execute in your infra. F) Troubleshooting The Tech Journal. Blog; About Stephen Wagner; Hire Stephen Wagner; IT Hardware, Licensing, and Solution Design; Run WSUS cleanup and index script on Windows Server Core without SQL Management Studio Windows Server 2019, Windows Server Core, WSUS Add comments. May 14 2019 . You're running WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) on Windows Server 2019 Server Core, and you want to run the WSUS Re. All other WSUS cleanup steps are working - initially I had a few hiccups while cleaning unused updates and update revisions as the cleanup hadn't been performed for a long time. However, after manually deleting a few updates from the database and disabling the timeout that step completed without errors. I should also mention the WSUS server is part of an SCCM-environment and it's managed by.

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  1. Have a peek at my Adamj Clean-WSUS script. It is the last WSUS Script you will ever need. (Version 3.0 will be released soon and includes improvements to the SUSDB database to make it about 1000-1500 times quicker - yes, you read that right). But if you want to try my Beta version of version 3.0, pm me your email and I'll send it. The beta version is essentially the final version, but I have 1.
  2. istratoren, die das Feature-Update auf Windows 10 V190x per WSUS verteilen, berichten, dass das nicht funktioniert und Fehlercodes wie 0x80070057 oder 0xc1900298 gemeldet wird
  3. WSUS Content Cleanup This script is the equivalent of running the WSUS cleanup wizard with all of the checkboxes checked._____ Download. Start-WSUSCleanup.ps1. Ratings (0) Downloaded 2,887 times. Favorites Add to favorites. Category Windows Update. Sub category. Server-Side Management. Updated 6/30/2017. License. MIT. Share it: Tags. Powershell, Powershell Script, Windows PowerShell, WSUS.
  4. WSUS Maintenance Utility Clean up your WSUS! It's designed to run either on a WSUS server itself, or can be run from a remote machine. The computer that is running the utility must have the WSUS management PowerShell modules installed. Download. WSUS-Maintenance.zip. Ratings . 4.8 Star (9) Downloaded 9,088 times. Favorites Add to favorites. Category Windows Update. Sub-category. Server-Side.
  5. Powershell-Script als WSUS-Bereinigung.ps1 in C:\Scripts abspeichern; Windows-Aufgabenplanung öffnen; Neue Aufgabe erstellen; Unabhängig von Benutzeranmeldung ausführen; Zeitplan individuell wählen (z.B. 1 x monatlich) Aktion: Programm starten; Programm/Script: powershell; Argumente hinzufügen: -command C:\Scripts\WSUS-Bereinigung.ps1 Mit Mail-Benachrichtigung: Empfehle ich den.
  6. In such environments manually running the WSUS Cleanup Wizard from within the WSUS Console tends to time out and crash at some point maybe hours/days into the process. To get the script to run successfully there's a couple of things you can try. First, restart IIS and run the script ASAP when it comes back up. If that doesn't work you can also try and block network traffic to the.

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In no event shall Microsoft, its authors, or anyone else involved in the creation, production, or delivery of the scripts be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use the sample scripts or documentation, even. Sollte der CleanUp mehrfach abbrechen, können Sie als Workaround auf diesen Trick zurück greifen, der die Datenbank allerdings nicht vollständig entschlackt. Immerhin können Sie so aber die Größe der Updates eindämmen. Zur automatischen WSUS Bereinigung bietet WSUS.DE noch zwei Scripts an: WSUS Serverbereinigung mit Powershell # At least with SCCM & WSUS: the ConfigMgr team already started working on a solution for automated WSUS cleanup tasks as of April 24th, 2018. By the time May 31st, 2019 rolls around, Microsoft likely will have already fixed this issue and thus no script is needed

Auch wenn der Artikel etwas älter ist (aber beim WSUS hat sich in den letzten Jahren eh nicht viel getan), klappt das Script BEREINIGUNG ALLER ZUM LÖSCHEN ANSTEHENDEN UPDATES DURCH EINE T-SQL-PROZEDUR immer noch wunderbar. Zwar hat es insgesamt 4h gedauert, aber jetzt läuft der WSUS wieder wesentlich flüssiger. Ich hatte zuvor eine hohe CPU-Last und einen randvollen RAM inkl. Abbrüche bei. If you can get WSUS back up on your SBS box in a running state, I can probably guess you tried to move the data due to the size of the WSUS Content folder. If you can get the SBS Box WSUS back up, you can use my script to clean up your WSUS Content folder and make WSUS Usable again. The average file space recovery is ~50GB with a maximum. WSUS bereinigen - PowerShell Script. Mit folgenden PowerShell Script können automatisiert alte Updates und Computerobjekte gelöscht werden. So wird der WSUS Server aufgeräumt und von alten Files bereinigt. Im Server Cleanup Wizard kann man folgende Kategorien löschen lassen. Unused updates and update revisions; Computers not contacting. Log Name: Application Source: WSUS Cleanup Date: 8/19/2014 12:56:56 PM Event ID: 996 Task Category: None Level: Information Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: my server Description: Cleanup Results: 265070901byte(s) removed from the WSUS Content directory. 0 expired update(s) were declined in WSUS. 0 computer(s) were removed from WSUS. 256 obsolete update(s) were removed from WSUS. 0. Damit einhergehend steht auch eine neue Version 2013 des Skriptes WSUS-CleanUp.zip zum Download bereit. Das SQL Skript habe ich mir aus dem Script Center von Microsoft Technet heruntergeladen und nicht verändert. Update vom 13. März 2013. Dank des Hinweises von Hans und der Frage von Christoph (siehe Kommentare) habe ich das oben genannte SQL Skript (WsusDBMaintenance.sql) doch angepasst.

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Ich hatte bis dorthin mit einem anderen Script gearbeitet. Mittlerweile habe ich aber eine wesentlich bessere und zuverlässigere Lösung gefunden - nicht ganz ohne Grund spricht der Entwickler vom last WSUS script you will ever need - Adam Marshalls Clean-WSUS. Klick, um dies einem Freund per E-Mail zu senden (Wird in neuem Fenster geöffnet) Klicken zum Ausdrucken (Wird in neuem. HowTo: WSUS Cleanup - Shrink a WSUS database (susdb) to almost zero Details Oli Comber. HowTo 27 January 2014 . WSUS is both a very useful beast and a wild one: It allows you to manage a huge number of Windows workstations to keep your PCs updated and your network secure, yet it itself can be quite hard to manage. It has built in clean-up tools for removing old, obsolete or superseded patches. SCCM WSUS Cleanup script on Github. The actual cleanup of WSUS is nothing new, the PowerShell used here is regularly available on the internet, the cool thing is that this is a CI and is running in the SYSTEM context. The script is designed to run against WSUS in an SCCM 1806 and above environment, as the additional WSUS Cleanup rules were introduced in this version. Here are the benefits of. * Important Update * - Do NOT remove the all in the language script (Decline-Windows10Languages.ps1) as I did in the video at 25:14. If you run the script with the standalone WSUS option.

Although the script does an pretty good job at keeping WSUS clean and running well, I've found that running it on an older server that has never, or has not had any maintenance done recently cause the script to fail. If you run the clean up wizard first then the script should run successfully afterwards. You may have to run the cleanup wizard multiple times - just keep running it until it. 2. WSUS Datenbank Re-Indexieren. Laden und führen Sie dazu das folgende Script von Microsoft aus: Re-index the WSUS 3.0 Database . 3. Datenbank verkleinern. Verkleinern Sie nun die Datenbank (Achtung: Kann länger dauern!) Nach diesen Schritten sollte Ihre WSUS Datenbank (SUSDB) ein gutes Stück kleiner und vor allem auch wieder performanter sein

WSUS Automated Maintenance is a very smart way to apply several best practices easily recommended by Microsoft. Additionally maintenance is applied regularly without further work for IT-Administration. WSUS will be faster and more stable, guaranteeing reliable Windows updates for all your clients and server, resulting in more security The Server Cleanup Wizard is a part of the WSUS UI that you can use to manage your disk space. This wizard can do tasks such as removing unused updates, deleting unused computers, deleting unneeded updates, and much more to clean up a WSUS partition. This guide covers how to resolve and prevent the Connection Error you see when you start the wizard #Windows 10 cleanup script. # # Remove dodgy tracking settings, unneeded services, all apps, and optional features that come with Windows 10. Make it more like Windows 7. # # NOTE: this was tested on Creators Update (1703) and Fall Creators Update (1709). Some of this may not work as expected on newer versions. # # # # Instructions # # 1. Run this script (under Powershell as Administrator) WSUS automated cleanup script von Gleb F.NG. Re-Index der Datenbank durchführen: Re-index the WSUS Database von The Scripting Guys. Auf einem Windows Server 2012 hat folgender Befehl funktioniert: sqlcmd -S np:\\.\pipe\MICROSOFT##WID\tsql\query -i C:\temp\WsusDBMaintenance.sql. Weiteres zum Thema WSUS-Datenbank aufräumen und optimieren echo .WSUS Cleanup Script pause echo set WSUS-Path=*LW Pfad*:\WSUS\WsusContent\ echo . WSUS Content-Cleanup - Alle Dateien die Aelter als 30 Tage sind werden geloescht forfiles /P %WSUS-Path% /S /M *.* /D -30 /C cmd /c del @file echo WSUS Dienst wird neu gestartet net stop wuauserv net start wuauserv echo Vielen Dank fuer die Nutzung pause.

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You'll need this for running various scripts to clean up the WSUS database. Stop a few services on the WSUS server so that the following steps don't prevent various maintenance steps from working. Take a backup of the WSUS database in case something goes horribly wrong during the cleanup. Run a script to rebuild/optimize the indexes in the WSUS database, which will make the other steps run. When the script has finished executing your WSUS installation should be clean. Run the Cleanup Wizard regularly (I have decided to run it every two months) in a vain attempt to keep the database clean from now on. Later in the thread there is some Powershell script that is supposed to do the same thing, but it did not work for me WSUS CleanUp und WSUS ReIndex von dieser Seite laufen inzwischen hier. Vielen Dank dafür! Sortiere die Liste nach Datum. Schon kannst Du Updates Seitenweise ablehnen. Pro Tag 15 Minuten und Du bist in einer Woche fertig. Normalerweise werden ersetzte Updates durch den CleanUp abgelehnt und später dann gelöscht, aber so ganz sicher funktioniert das eben nicht immer. UD schrieb on 21.02.18 um. Host Application: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.EXE -command C:\Scripts\WSUS-Cleanup.ps1 -ExecutionPolicy Bypass Process ID: 73016 Transcript started, output file is C:\Scripts\WSUS-Cleanup.lo

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The Microsoft provided WSUS cleanup cmdlet (Invoke-WsusServerCleanup) has an annoying habit of failing if you don't run it regularly, and the cleanup script frankly looked after WSUS a lot better that the standard stuff available from MS. To be honest it did work quite well at the time for what it did WSUS Cleanup for ConfigMgr. Jason in Configuration Manager, Software Update Management. Since ConfigMgr 2007 was released, the recommendation and firm statement from Microsoft has been to not perform any administration within a ConfigMgr integrated WSUS instance. In particular, performing approvals or declines was something you definitely should not do. Over the past year, two issues have. In diesem HowTo geht es um die automatische Bereinigung der Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) unter Windows Server 2012 R2 mit der PowerShell. Für die Verwaltung der WSUS hat Microsoft ab Windows Server 2012 R2 eine Reihe neuer Cmdlets der PowerShell hinzugefügt. Die Auflistung aller dazugehörigen Cmdlets finden Sie in der TechNet Library. Darunter ist auch das Cmdlet Invoke.

CMD - Script zur WSUS-Serverbereinigung CMD - Windows Update Cleanup Script zum Zurücksetzen von Windows Updates - Version 0.8 CMD - Windows Update Cleanup Script zum Zurücksetzen von Windows Updates - Version 0. Software updates maintenance. 12/17/2019; 9 minutes to read; In this article. Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch) You can schedule and run WSUS cleanup tasks from the Configuration Manager console from the Software Update Point Component properties. When you first select to run the WSUS cleanup task, it will run after the next software updates synchronization. To schedule and. WSUS, WSUS cleanup, WSUS cleanup script, cleanup WSUS content, WSUS content cleanup,how to cleanup WSUS. The Overnight Admin I'm a Windows PowerShell Enthusiast trying to spread all the great things PowerShell can do with the world!.

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To remove auto-approved updates that are in an approved state , the WSUS Admin must - at minimum - manually set the approval status of superseded updates to Not Approved so they will be eligible for declination by the Server cleanup Wizard. The Server cleanup Wizard will ensure a newer update is approved and that no client system is still reporting that update as needed before marking the. A previously working WSUS console reports Error: Connection error, when you try and run the WSUS Cleanup wizard, or when you try and decline or delete obselete / superceeded updates; The message is displayed around 3 minutes from when you started the operation Example: Product Run the WSUS Cleanup Wizard. Initiate a software update synchronization. Remove expired and declined updates from software update groups. Delete software update groups that have no updates. Combine software update groups into yearly groups. Set the maximum run time for updates by title. Remove unneeded files from the deployment package source. Bei den Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) handelt es sich um eine Updatelösung von Microsoft. Bestehend aus einer Server- und einer Clientkomponente unterstützt WSUS Administratoren Microsoft-Updates in lokalen Netzwerken auszuliefern. WSUS lädt Updatepakete aus dem Internet (Microsoft Update Catalog) und bietet sie den Windows-Clients zur Installation an. Der Administrator kann in der.

Hallo zusammen, ich habe einen zentralen WSUS bei uns im Rechenzentrum und einen Downstream-Server bei uns im Office. Der Downstream holt sich die Informationen vom Rechenzentrum, lädt die Updates bei Microsoft dann direkt runter und soll diese dann an die Clients im Office verteilen. Dies hat so.. 25 Responses to Enhancing WSUS database cleanup performance SQL script. Pingback: Enhancing WSUS database cleanup performance SQL script — Steve Thompson [MVP] - Being Configuration Manager Administrator. Ryan Plume says: May 10, 2018 at 8:05 am. How can this be made to work with WSUS SQL Servers that aren't 2016+? Reply. ConfigMgrMVP says: May 10, 2018 at 8:24 am. You'll need to.

WSUS-CleanUp. Scripts for clean up WSUS in Windows Server 2012 R2 or later. For start ESUS CleanUP execute the batch script WSUS-CleanUp.cmd, modifiy the batch script WSUS-CleanUp.cmd for selected what clean up task execute Lass das Script zum aufräumen täglich laufen, auf wsus.de/scripts gibt es ein, das verschickt auch ein Mail mit Details zum Aufräumvorgang. Im selben Script räume ich den Wsus Server auf: # Cleanup WSUS Get-WsusServer | Invoke-WsusServerCleanup -CleanupObsoleteComputers -CleanupObsoleteUpdates -CleanupUnneededContentFiles -CompressUpdates -DeclineExpiredUpdates.

Specifically the WSUS database can need a manual clean up. There are several scripts around that handle this but I found one HERE that helped me quite a bit. Note that this script does not replace the WSUS SERVER CLEAN UP WIZARD. If you are having problems with that (like SERVER NODE RESET messages), click HERE for the fix. To run this script Erst die WSUS-Warnung deutete auf vielleicht auf ein Datenbankproblem hin: Quelle: Windows Server Update Services Ereignis-ID: 7032 Ebene: Warnung Die WSUS-Verwaltungskonsole konnte über die Remote-API keine Verbindung mit dem WSUS-Server herstellen. Stellen Sie sicher, dass der Update Services-Dienst, IIS und SQL auf dem Server ausgeführt werden Die MSSQL-Fehler waren schnell. Nachdem die WSUS-Rolle installiert wurde, geht es in der SCCM-Konsole weiter unter Verwaltung => Standortkonfiguration => Server und Standortsystemrollen. Hier erkennt man, dass der Management Point und der Distribution Point bereits installiert sind. Da meine Konsole Deutsch spricht, heißen diese hier Verteilungspunkt und Verwaltungspunkt. Der Software Update Point wird nun wie folgt. This is the last WSUS clean-up script you ever need: Adamj Clean-WSUS Run this script as a scheduled task on my wsus server once a month and at works like a charm! level 2 Sysadmi

Der WSUS-Server bereinigt selbst mit der Bereinigungsfunktion nicht korrekt alle vorhandenen Updates. Dies verursacht ein hohes benötigtes Speichervolumens des WSUS-Servers und verlangsamt diesen unnötig. Mit ein paar einfachen Schritten kann dieser schnell bereinigt und die benötigte Speichergrösse bereinigt werden. WSUS Konsole öffnen und die View All Updates anwählen Im Filter. Note #1: One ongoing issue right now seem to be that the Windows version next updates contains a ton of metadata, causing a massive headache for WSUS admins. See below for scripts to help cleanup the mess, and to perform needed maintenance tasks. Also, if you are missing some info here, let me know. I'm @jarwidmark on Twitter Cleanup scripts triggered from the wsus application server didn't do it's job - we still had many old approved updates Syncing drivers were causing such terrible performance on the DB side - this is because each time you got driver that fits to many machines - it got duplicated causing terrible amount additional data on the WSUS SQL side

In this post, I demonstrated how we can use the 'scripts' feature in SCCM to initiate WSUS Cleanup scripts on demand. Hopefully this is helpful to you but also shows you the capability of the feature for almost anything. Till next time Disclaimer - All scripts and reports are provided 'AS IS WSUS crashes when trying to run server cleanup wizard. Close. 2. Posted by u/[deleted] 1 year ago. Archived. WSUS crashes when trying to run server cleanup wizard. I've tried combinations of different options selected and it makes no difference. At first I found that the drive that has the update files on it was full and I read it can be the reason. So I extended this drive and rebooted.

This little script will perform a clean up of declined and superceded updates in the WSUS database. It uses the .Net class Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration assembly, which should be loaded on your WSUS server So you can re-run the WSUS cleanup script, or simply run the server cleanup wizard multiple times. My experiences using these methods I've found that in environments that were previously at 100% CPU, they start working again, and environments that were massively over-specc'd that didn't have the high CPU issue went from using 6gb of RAM for the w3wp.exe process down to 500mb

As the script had not run in a few weeks I sensed that the script was going to need some time to run, so I decided to increase the specification of the WSUS VM first. The number of clients that it was expected to service had increased over time too, so I felt it was only right I do this. It was running on 2 vCPUs and 4GB RAM, I increased this to 6 vCPUs and 8GB RAM. Once I'd done this, I ran. 16 Wsus clean up sajid shamir. Loading... Unsubscribe from sajid shamir? Sync Failed WSUS Update Source Not Found on Site SCCM 2012 R2 - Duration: 6:05. BTNHD 14,552 views. 6:05 . Create.

WSUS Cleanup PowerShell Script ⚡️ ⚡️ PowerShell Script for cleaning WSUS, simple, fast, easy. ⚡️ ⚡️. This WSUS PowerShell script can either be run as a scheduled task (weekly / monthly), or an one off instance. Save the script to WSUS server, right click script and run as administrator Hi, the content of an WSUS Server crows every month for several GiBytes because WSUS does held all files which has the approval state install. The GUI way to cleanup the WSUS Content folder is to first decline all expired and superseded updates and than run the WSUS Cleanup Wizard. But you can also use the script way :-) Run the script Michae WSUS Full Member Offline I Love WSUS Beiträge: 64 Standort: 70176 Stuttgart Mitglied seit: 11.12.06 Geschlecht: Downstreamserver 11.11.10 um 13:59:40 Beitrag drucken : Hallo, für eine Aussenstelle habe ich einen Downstreamserver installiert. Hat alles bestens funktioniert. Als ich jedoch in die Classifications hereingeschaut habe, habe ich Unterschiede festgestellt. Das sollte doch nicht.

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Aber ich habe einerseits WSUS auf Server 2016 und zudem täglich das Adamj Clean-WSUS Script laufen, welches rigoros(er) aufräumt als WSUS selber. Antworten. Torsten sagt: 24. Januar 2018 um 08:37 hier sind auch 1022 Updates abgelaufen. Alle sind von Office 2010 und Office 2016 (Office 2013 haben wir nicht im Einsatz). Mircosoft hat wahrscheinlich massenweise superseded Updates gelöscht. Die. Here is how I scheduled the maintenance scripts: Synchronize WSUS every Tuesday. Decline superseded updates after every WSUS synchronization. Run the WSUS cleanup wizard script after declining superseded updates finishes. Re-index the WSUS database after WSUS cleanup. Approve updates every Wednesday. This way I know I'm approving updates after. Adamj Clean-WSUS Script - The last WSUS Script you will ever need! All credits to Adam Marshall, this script saved me a ton of work and space. It's setup is quite simple, I'll quote him and add a few Infos. IMHO you should be at least on Server 2012 R2 or better 201 PowerShell bietet jedoch zusätzliche Optionen und steht der GUI auch in puncto Reporting nicht wesentlich nach. Die Berichte, für die man in der WSUS-Konsole den Report Viewer nach­installieren muss, bestehen überwiegend aus schmucklosen Tabellen, die man in PowerShell mit Out-GridView ebenfalls bekommen kann.. Um im ersten Schritt einen Überblick über die verfügbaren Cmdlets zu.

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